Assisted Sales

Do you want to maximise the sale of a property that you own but don't have time, inclination and/or the funds to upgrade the property to achieve the average market value (or even ceiling price) in the area? 


MR Joinery, in partnership with our sister company Regency Refurb Ltd, could assist. 


What is an Assisted Sale?

An Assisted Sale is where an agreement is put place so that an investor or business can help you sell your property by making improvements to a property that will increase the selling price.

What is the benefit?

Each agreement will be tailored to suit the situation, benefits can include; 

  • Renovations being fully funded
  • Project management of works by MR Joinery
  • Local property expert managing the sale of the property
  • Access to an established network of construction and trade professionals
  • Achieving a timely and improved sales figure 


What type of Property can benefit?

A property that you want to sell and has the potential to adequately increase in value if a complement of works were completed.   

How do I find out more?

Contact MR Joinery

01786 357330 or 07551731712 to arrange an initial consultation and assessment.  

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